I Dreamed A Dream

It’s finally happened; I can dream on. After a couple of dreamless nights I’ve recorded a dream, albeit somewhat strange, in my trusty notebook to be the source of my first exercise. Hallelujah! I admit I was beginning to worry – the last dream I can remember featured Will Smith (??) and his son, Jaden (??) – weird, I know, and not something I can record in a creative exercise, especially as cats appeared ( I’m not even a cat lover; I prefer dogs) and did strange things to my living room carpet. I wonder how Freud would interpret it. Clearly not something poetic!

I’m relieved to report that this dream, although strange, did not involve film stars and furry, feline animals. And so, I continue my journey, filling my notebook with ideas, inspirations, the occasional to do list and hopefully a passage to write for my next exercise.

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