Poetry in Motion

Poetry can’t be that hard, I thought to myself. How wrong I was. I found this part of the course a struggle. My main problem was trying NOT to make it rhyme. I tried to pay attention to alliteration and assonance, hoping that I would transform my notes into beautifully mellifluous lines, but I’m not sure that I achieved what I wanted to.

My inspiration was New York City itself. I spent a few days there and thought it would be great fodder for my poetry: an urban jungle, the city that never sleeps. The weather was particularly good so I took myself off to my favourite cafe, ordered a latte and sat with my notebook; a voyeur amongst the throng of city dwellers. The exercise in particular was to build a landscape poem, so 105th and Broadway became my muse.

Two latte’s and a couple of hours later I had built up a few pages of observation. Certainly enough to form into a poem, I was looking forward to making something out of them. That’s when the difficulty started, that’s when I realised poetry is harder than it looks!

After what seemed like hours and days I finally managed to get something sort of poetic on paper. I’m not sure if I hit the mark, that remains to be seen but at least I have two poems in the bag, now all I need is some prose.

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