Bedtime Stories

When I hit a brick wall with my writing I start to get grumpy. My poor family is often subject to this and know the signs: still in pyjamas at 4pm, incoherent ramblings, furious typing, the shrill voice of doom “it’s hopeless” etc, etc, they know to fend for themselves and leave me alone. Assignment 2 was starting to get to me. I’m not sure why. Possibly I was over thinking my character and therefore coming to a standstill. Last night was particularly bad so rather than sit and stare into space whilst trying to write, I decided to pour myself a nice glass of wine and take myself off to bed with a couple of magazines: Writing Magazine and Mslexia.

What joyous pleasure! I leant back on my pillow and succumbed to their pages for a couple of hours. Full of advice, short stories, competitions and profiles, I felt inspired again as I always do when reading the fantastic articles.

This morning I got up early and wrote 758 words (to be precise!), add to that the 500 or so that I’ve already written for assignment 2, I’m well on my way to completion after heavy editing of course!

Tonight I’m back to my normal self, much to the relief of my loved ones. How long this will last I cannot say but for the time being, she lived happily ever after…

My Bedtime Reading!

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