A Person of Interest

With six days to go until assignment 2 is due, I’m pleased to announce that it’s finished. It has been a long slog to get to this moment and I am glad to see the back of it. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed writing about my character, I have, it’s just that my time to devote on developing her has been somewhat erratic.

During the last week or so she is all I have thought about. She’s been my bedside companion, much to my husband’s chagrin; my lunch date, and a drinking buddy. She has frustrated me, inspired me and confused me. In all, she’s been like a surreptitious lover in the early bloom of affection.

On September 1st I will introduce her to my tutor and I’m nervous; I wonder if she will be liked and how they will get on. Will she be good enough? Will she make a good impression? Or is there something about her that isn’t quite right?

I could sit and ponder about whether I’ve made the right decision but I won’t. I’m going to move on and start Part 3.  As for my character,  if she doesn’t work out, there’s plenty more fish in the sea…

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