Reflections on Assignment 4

Oh dear…I’m deeply mortified about Assignment 4. I knew when I sent it off that it wasn’t good and boy was I right! I should’ve given myself more time instead of leaving it until the last minute…literally. It’s really important to do the exercises and take my notebook everywhere. When I look back at my first two assignments they were produced from a wealth of information and jottings from my trusty notebook, I wrote every day and gave myself time to develop them. Both of my last assignments were from old stories that I had written a long time ago, nipped and tucked here and there to little imagination. This must not happen again. If I can’t meet a deadline I will ask for an extension; so what If I don’t finish this degree in three years…it’s not the end of my world. As I near the end of Writing Skills 1 I’m relieved to have one more assignment left to write before I begin Art of Poetry. I want to redeem myself. If I’m being honest I never want to see Assignment 4 again so I’ve decided not to re-draft it for my assessment. I just want rid of it.

I have started Assignment 5 with great alacrity and hope to continue this course in a better frame of mind.

Here’s hoping…

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