A Novel Idea

From the advice of my tutor, I am now in the process of turning assignment 5 into a young adult novel. This seems a daunting task especially as I hadn’t thought of it as such when I started writing it as a short story.  Having made the necessary edits on my last two assignments and reflective commentary, I’m starting to feel the pressure!

As I have worked my way through Writing 1: Writing Skills, my focus has been on producing short stories, and a couple of them would probably make for a better read if they were, indeed, longer. As my tutor comments: It does feel, however, as though you have a young adult novel struggling to burst from the confines of a short story. A novel would give you more room to breathe and to expand scenes that are now 1-2 lines only. Overall, you have the potential for a fascinating teenage narrator on your hands and could have a lot of fun developing the story further.

On writing short stories my tendency is to confine further development of characters and scenes because of the word count. As a consequence of this I slip into that literary faux pas: telling. I’m hopeful that as I progress with this degree showing becomes second nature and my short stories are more linear and concise.

That being said, my end goal is becoming a novelist, and although I never considered young adult as a genre of choice, I’m enjoying the freedom of writing about my teenager, Eliza Frewe and the pressure of producing the beginnings of a novel.

Here goes…


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