Pressure and Prose

Gah! I am frustrated this week as I haven’t kept up with my blog and my poetry isn’t forming as I would like. I managed to write two poems yesterday which is unusual – my deadline is approaching and I’m feeling the pressure.

My tutor recommended a poetry book by Wendy Cope called Serious Concerns. This has provided me with some much needed inspiration. She is one of the wittiest contemporary poets I have been introduced to and I like how she writes from the everyday  mundane aspects of English life.

Much of the poetry that I have read of hers has a rhyme scheme of abcb and I followed this pattern for one of my poems. I liked the challenge of rhyming the last word within second and fourth line of the stanza in context with the topic of the poem. This type of rhyming scheme I enjoy and will continue to explore this form of poetry.

I have experimented with Heroic Verse. From an exercise taken from Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled I came up with a poem from his suggestion of a young man in police custody, stoned off his head, trying to explain away the half-ounce of cannabis on his person. My poem was just a jotting in a notebook but took on a life of its own during the exercise on images: something grasped in a hand inside a pocket. Again, I enjoyed the rhyme scheme aabbccdd and found each rhyming couplet challenging, but with the help of my trusty rhyming dictionary came up with my first Heroic poem.

The next fews days will be spent finishing my final two poems, editing all six and writing reflective commentaries for each. It’s going to be a busy few days…


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