Trying to ignore my inner monologue

Starting a new assignment excites me. I read the course work material, make notes, think about what I’d like to write, take my pen and then…nothing.

Not even a spark.

Reading poetry helps. The recommendations from my tutor have opened my eyes to some extraordinary contemporary poets. My current favourite is Fiona Benson. For me, her poetry reads like a masterclass. I will write more about her in my reflective commentary. For now though, I have to ignore my inner monologue: “Why can’t I write poetry like this?” or “My poetry is shit!”

Writing poetry is alien to me. It’s not something I thought I would ever do until I started this degree. I’ve learnt a lot already but I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface. It’s why feedback from my tutor is so important for me to be able to better myself however small. I try to adhere to the pointers for the next assignment and this will be in the back of my mind when writing the next 6 poems.

I have finally written my first poem for assignment 4. It’s taken some time and this morning I completed 6 lines of free verse. Metaphor and simile are predominant and, along with that, interesting and vivid imagery (I hope…)



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