Home Stretch

I worked hard this weekend to get my assignment finished and sent. What relief! It seems to have taken forever to get to this point and can now take a deep breath before I start my final assignment and reflective commentary.

Writing poetry seems to take a lot out of me. I really have to dig deep in order to put something remotely worthy on the page. I find it much harder than writing prose, possibly because it is truthful to my own experience. I’m also conscious of making sure every word is worth its weight within the poem; thank heaven for my thesaurus .

As each assignment is written and feedback is given, I always try to stick to my tutor’s advice for the following assignment. I have learnt a great deal so far and through recommendations from my tutor, have read some wonderful poetry. My book shelves are starting to flourish. My favourite contemporary poet to date is Fiona Benson. Her book Bright Travellers was my constant companion during assignment 4 and her work inspired me to become a better ‘poet.’ Her use of vivid imagery and metaphor is profound, and her poem Demeter remains a favourite of mine.

I was introduced to Andrew McMillan’s Physical. Again, another contemporary award-winning poet whose use of language is raw and honest. McMillan’s work is unusual because his poetry in this book is devoid of punctuation. As I read his work a number of times I focused more on my breath as each word was read. Quite something! Reading in this way had a much deeper connection and I did try to write a couple of poems without punctuation but didn’t feel experienced enough to make it work.

Whilst I struggle at times with writing poetry it does excite me when I finish a poem, more so when I read the work of such poets as Benson and McMillan. For the more poetry I read, the deeper the understanding.








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