Course complete!

With my deadline looming towards the end of November, work taking up much of my time and the lead-up to Christmas, I haven’t had a chance to catch up with my blog.

So, whilst work is relatively quiet and most of my colleagues are in hibernation until New Year, what better way than to spend an hour surreptitiously writing about assignment 5.

In all, I produced four poems; two new and two previous poems (that had been re-drafted) within the 80 line limit. Upper most in my mind was to follow my tutor’s advice from my last assignment and cull my use of clichés and abstract language. As  my tutor comments: Dear Rachelle, thank you for submitting your fifth assignment for this course. There’s some good work here and you’ve clearly paid attention to removing abstract language and clichés, instead using concrete imagery and original descriptions.

However, with my two new poems ‘Visiting Day’ and ‘New York City Snow Day’ I need to make sure that I concentrate on my grammar and write with more clarity. Here my tutor states: There are still a few places where you can pare your writing back further, and some occasions where your grammar misleads or confuses things, but these should be straightforward enough to remedy.

Having read back my poetry a number of times and looked at my tutor’s annotations I’m able to see what needs changing for the better and can re-draft accordingly. My reflective commentary also needs work and I must analyse my poetry in more detail rather than discussing how my reading has influenced my writing.

I can see a great deal of improvement since my first assignment which was shocking! My tutor has definitely helped me become a better poet and her pointers for the next assignment fill me with hope: As before, this submission showed real improvement from your previous assignment – it’s great to see how well you absorb advice and apply it to your work. There are some wonderful images in these pieces, and ‘New York City Snow Day’ is particularly vivid. Look at my annotations and smooth out the grammar where it’s misleading, and be as tough as you can about what’s superfluous in ‘Visiting Day’. This will help those striking images to sing.

I have already decided my three assignments to send for assessment and will spend the coming weeks re-drafting them to the best of my ability and as always, my tutor’s advice will be forefront on my mind.

Until next time…




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