Notes on Part 4 – Picture the scene

Part 4: Picture the Scene explores the overall structure of a screenplay and how it can be broken down into acts and scenes. To understand this further I read the chapter on The Three-Act Structure: Why You Need It and What to Do with It, from Linda Seger’s book Making a Good Script Great (2010).

With my trusty green highlighter and post-it labels, I noted down points that I hope will guide me through this next assignment and beyond. Firstly, constructing a story in a way that will give my screenplay direction, momentum and clarity, I must adhere to the Three-Act Structure. Whilst each act has a different focus, it must move from one to another by way of a turning point.

To help me visualise this going forward, I used the diagram on page 81 of Segar’s Making a Good Script Great (2010) and the guide from the OCA course book to roughly map my script.

Rough guide for my structure of script

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