Making a Start

Now that I’ve had a chance to look at the course materials, I’m enthusiastic about starting The Art of Poetry. Whilst I’m not familiar with writing poetry, I’m eager to get cracking on the first assignment.

So, with that in mind I have ordered two books from Amazon: Writing Poems by Peter Sansom and A Poetry Handbook: A Prose Handbook for Understanding and Writing Poetry by Mary Oliver.

I’ve made a start on the first exercise: Undermine Your Reliance on Sight – making the bed was rather haphazard when blindfolded! I really shouldn’t leave my clothes scattered about the floor when doing this exercise, treading on a belt buckle is painful…crossing the room in darkness led to my dog yelping as I trod on his tail and my shoe rack collapsed as I tried to find a particular pair of shoes. An epic fail.

Still, I managed to write up some notes in my notebook and hope by the time I finish the exercises I will have a germ of a poem or two…









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