And breathe…

My first assignment for The Art of Poetry has been submitted online to my tutor. It was a day or two ahead of my deadline; endless amendments were causing too much frustration so I decided to stop using the red pen and hit the send button instead.

I’m not sure what to make of the first assignment, there were parts that I enjoyed writing about and parts that I did not. Primarily, the poem on seeing proved difficult which frustrated me the most. There is so much to see and yet I felt that I wasn’t seeing anything. My poetry didn’t flow or make sense and I made many revisions to my poem Park Life.

Regarding the exercise on touch I was given a cheese grater and described it as follows: metal feels cold in hand, one side of object rough, about a foot in length, groves and ridges…I feared that I would not be able to make a poem come to fruition let alone for it to sound interesting.

So, from this exercise I began to write from a different perspective: how a person can leave traces on ones being just by doing little things that actually mean a lot.

Likewise the poem on smell started by making notes on coffee wafting around the kitchen and bacon sizzling under the grill, then how it looks on a plate but went into an entirely different direction…You sit opposite not catching my eye, All grandiose and stoic, Like you have a stink under your nose…You get my drift!

In all, I’m glad that I managed to write six poems in the time given. It remains to be seen if any of them are remotely worthy of poetic form. My guess is there will be revisions to do on all and I have a lot to learn in the process.


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