Well Travelled

After feedback from my tutor on my first assignment I felt a bit deflated. If I’m being honest I didn’t understand the workings of poetry; it’s been years since I studied it and even longer in writing it. The exercises in Part 2 Reading and developing your ear did produce a germ or two but putting the ideas onto paper were somewhat slim.

Drastic action was needed so I bought Stephen Fry’s: The Ode Less Travelled. This helped enormously in understanding the process of metre, rhyme and form. I spent about a week doing each exercise and found that I was becoming more confident in exploring different ways of writing poetry.

My tutor recommended a couple of poetry books: Dear Boy by Emily Berry and Beauty/Beauty by  Rebecca Perry, both very contemporary-sounding poets. Both of these books ‘opened my eyes’ to contemporary poetic form, especially as my focus has been to write contemporary poetry on the advice of my tutor. I have a habit of using archaic words and need to be as precise as possible in my descriptions: I tend to go off on a tangent.

Most of my poems were re-drafted countless times. Some have transformed into something entirely different from where they started. I have found that my writing process is better if I write down the bones of an idea and start to write a few lines and then work on another poem in the same way. This tends to spark ideas and I flit between each poem in this way. Also, (strangely) I seem to write my ‘best’ poetry in Caffé Nero…

Today I sent off Assignment 2 and I’m slightly more confident than I was with the first assignment. I hope that there is improvement; I certainly strive towards it. Tomorrow is a new day and a new assignment beckons. Caffé Nero, here I come…




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