A Pat on the Back

Today I feel remarkably confident. The self-doubt has disappeared, well for the time being anyway or rather, until I hand in my next assignment. You see, I received my formative feedback from my tutor and it was REALLY GOOD!

I’ve had a couple of days to digest this good news and yes, I’ve spent a good few hours going over each poem and reflective commentary with a big grin on my face. Sure, I need to do more editing and redrafting here and there but at least it was miles better than my first assignment – in my tutors words: Your hard work is showing in the quality of your writing!

I did work bloody hard on it. On reading Rebecca Perry’s Beauty/Beauty and Emily Berry’s Dear Boy my poetry became more confident and less archaic. I studied Stephen Fry’s book The Ode Less Travelled and worked on the exercises that he suggested. I spent what seemed like  hours in Caffé Nero scribbling in my notebook and trawled through the Poetry Archive in the hope that I could create something better than my first assignment.

And, it seems I did. I only hope that I haven’t peaked too soon and the self-doubt doesn’t creep in.

Rachelle Kent – Tutor Report Form – The Art of Poetry Assignment 2-4RachelleKentAssignment2Reflective Commentary Assignment 2




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