Onto the Next One

Assignment 3 is now with my tutor and I feel relieved that I met my deadline without having extra time to complete it. I will endeavour to meet all deadlines from now on; it’s important for me to have structure when completing an assignment.

I have read through Part 4: language and construction and the poems recommended in the similie and metaphor section. I particularly like the verse in Marge Piercy’s Raisin Pumpernickel:

You cry your needs, bold as a six-week kitten.
You’re devious as a corporate takeover and direct as an avalanche.
What ten years into this conversation commands my interest? You’re still the best novel I’ve ever read.

I have had a quick look through my notebook and thankfully there seems to be some pieces that I can work with whilst keeping in mind use of similie, metaphor, lineation, punctuation, etc. I have taken my tutor’s advice: When redrafting make sure you weigh up every word and consider whether it’s ‘pulling its weight’ in the poem. When you’re dealing in so few words you have to make sure every one earns its place. This is becoming my mantra when writing poetry.

Finally, I must remember to watch out for adverbs. There were 3 in one of my poems on the last assignment. Having checked each poem countless times it seemed, I completely missed those naughty -ly words and have since rectified them.

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