Sunday, Sunday

Sunday past I found myself alone with the dog. Husband was busy being macho in the park with his bootcamp buddies and daughter was on a trip of a lifetime to Africa. Having spent the morning in bed with the Sunday papers, chomping on toast and marmite and the habitual slurping of coffee, I didn’t want to waste the day.

I’m not good at switching off, there’s always an irritating chore or two that needs to be done or emails that I need to answer; the list is endless and normally on a Sunday I’m cooking for the family amongst the chaos.  Having no-one to cook for I decided to take my dog and latest copy of Writing Magazine to my local pub for a Sunday roast and a glass of wine.

Having the time to read it from cover to cover was invaluable, there’s so much advice and information on writing fiction, life-writing, publishing and competitions, not forgetting various interviews and profiles, it gave me a boost to pick up my notebook and start my next assignment.

IMG_3500I very much enjoyed reading the star interview on Jamaican poet and author Kei Miller, winner of the 2014 Forward Prize for Poetry. I will be sure to read his latest book Augustown. 

I look forward to switching off with next month’s copy, especially as the star interview is Clare Mackintosh, her new novel I See You is on my summer reading list.





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